just in a little bit muse is to perform at las vegas, but none of my friends have enough money to get a ticket, and it's a little too expensive for me to pay instead.. so there's a problem.

now I've been thinking maybe I'll go by myself..? I'm 16 and i could drive there myself but idk if this'd be a good idea. Anyone share experience of a concert going by yourself?

big edit: this is my first concert lolololol
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bring some weed and alcohol
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befriend hot chicks at the concert OR take me









For sure, I have no problems going to shows by myself. I always prefer to go with someone but given the choice of going by myself or not going - easy choice.

Worse is dragging someone along and they are not at all into it and just drag you down with them.
Get your friends to do a shit ton of chores for other people and take 'em with ya.

Definitely go. You have Muse as your avatar, suggesting you like them.
Sure it's nice to have friends there, but once Muse come on you will be too busy enjoying yourself to miss friends. That's how my loner concert experiences are.
if you really want to go just go by yourself!
the only time youll talk with anyone is when the bands arent playing anyway!

Yeah I have, I've actualy found it to be an enjoyable experience because you don't have to worry about anyone else.
You know how it is sometimes, you go to a gig with a bunch of mates, and you try to stick together, then someone needs the toilet and someone else wants to buy a shirt, ect, ect, and you end up missing the support act or you're having to hang around after the gig for ages for everyone to get their act together so you can go home... going on your own avoids all that and you can simply relax and enjoy the gig at your own leasure.
I personally haven't done it, but I've ended up meeting people who were going alone at every concert and made friends, so you'll probably do the same as them.

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Yes, befriend hot chicks. Hot chicks like Muse.
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Yes, befriend hot chicks. Hot chicks like Muse.

And dudes who go to concerts alone, or so I've been told.

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Going to gigs alone has always been hit and miss for me. Its enjoyable either way but if you make some new friends then it can be amazing.
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why does everybody act like they need people to go to concerts with? if your friends cant pay, too bad. just go to the show, enjoy yourself
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its muse, go see them anyway
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Yes, if you really love the band you will see them by yourself.
Sometimes, concerts can actually be more fun if you go by yourself.

I went to see Parkway Drive with a couple of friends not so long ago and all they wanted to do was stand at the side and watch.
I seperated from them, went into every circle pit and crowdsurfed at least 3 times, and I didn't see them again until the end of the show.

I had a great time!
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