I just finished recording and mixing this one. It's a bit more progressive sounding than my stuff usually. Lacks vocals at the moment so it might be a bit repetitive, but there are some instrumental bits and solos there to make it a bit more interesting. All comments are welcome, and leave a link to your recordings and I'll try to give some input too.

You can listen to it on my profile or on soundclick if you prefer that for whatever reason:

It's called Possessed Potatoes (Working Title).
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This is pretty good, I really liked how the song builds upon it's self in a linear way and builds tension with each section. However, I didnt really like the lead at 3:41 because it didnt really seem to go anywhere in terms of the songs progression. The solo right after it however fit well and evolved perfectly within track. While this is probably my personal preferences talking, I think that some parts of the song could have gone without the as much synth but it's really not a major concern. Still really good, I can hear the dream theater in it, and 4:40 to 4:49 reminds me a lot of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEuy89N0mTM.
Thanks for the input! I kinda agree about the lead at 3:41. I had planned to add some color to it with some kind of keyboard lead, but i couldn't get a decent lead keyboard tone from my vst synths so I had to ditch that idea. I'm a noob at using synths, haha. And you're not the first one who doesn't like my excessive use of synth string sounds. It's just that when doing simple boring riffs based on one droning note or a fifth chord, I like to add some other chord tones with keyboards. Though I guess another option (arguably better) would be to make more interesting riffs so that I don't need the synth to provide the extra tones, haha.

Again, thanks for the comments. Much appreciated!
Very good, reminds me of Symphony X; great leads, melodies, and structure. The drums were a bit bland and buried in the mix, but it didn't detract too much from the song itself. The synth at times sounds a bit cheesy, but it never overpowered the riffs or melodies.