not sure if everyone will agree with me; but here's my input

I got one a few years back, and it has been my favorite guitar since I got it. I like it better than BOTH of my Gibsons.

Not a big fan of that gold, :] mine is red, but the guitar itself is great.
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Yeah, if it fits your style of music. I can't stand that colour, and I prefer the normal telecasters but they're pretty good guitars.
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Mmmmmmmmm I love it...

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Very very cool guitars...I don't really know what else I can say about them. I put my name on it
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I love the gold. Looks like a bad assed tele to me.

Of course the tele purists would hate all over it, but fuk em.
I'm looking at one of these now and they've really caught my eye, look awesome.
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I've been dreaming about this guitar for so long and hopefully will be able to buy one some day.
Mmmm....I think most of those style Tele's look awful, but the gold top sets it off. I like.
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