How do I hook my Xbox up to my Macbook Pro. It's got a mini display port and a firewire port so it's one of those. I've got HDMI on my xbox as well. I want to be able to plug my xbox into my mac and play xbox on the screen.
You can do it with a normal computer. I know there's something you can get for it. My friend has one that works with USB, but I don't know if there's anything for mac, or if I can just do it with the mini display or whatever.
I don't quite think it's possible that your able to hook up an Apple product to a Microsoft console.
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What I do is I play xbox on my PC screen using a special VGA cabel from Microsoft. Not sure if a mac screen uses a VGA cable, but knowing Apple, it probably doesn't soooo...google is your friend.
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lol its a mac, not a windows pc, xbox hooks up to windows based pcs, macs however it does not

u want to use ur mac as a monitor, macs im pretty sure arent made this way, they are made to be a mac, not a useable monitor for other purpose
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can't be done brah. not because it's a mac, but because it's a laptop.
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I don't think it's possible on any laptops because the video output is just that: output. You can't input data in the output jack.

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If your Macbook has a video input, and your xbox has a matching video output, just plug 'em in. I'd imagine if the macbook has a video input it's also got some kind of settings to use it.

Although i rather doubt a laptop would have video inputs, since generally you're trying to output from a laptop to a projector or bigger screen..