If we have a bass player who plugs his bass into a guitar amp... will that damage the guitar amp in any way?
this has been asked loads of times before and the answer is yes. the guitar amp is not designed to handle the frequencies the bass puts out and it will kill the amp very quickly
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Basically, what Raizer is saying is, he's going to rape the amp. Turning it down doesn't help, unless it's to 0.
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You will only encounter a problem if the amp is of low wattege as it will struggle to produce bass notes at high power/sound level without overheating.
The most likely cause of damage will be to the loudspeakers.
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This was asked literally two days ago and I'll tell you what I told the other person who asked the same question. Electricity is electricity. low notes will not damage an amp in anyway. Itll hurt guitar speakers but no the amp itself.

PS: it'll still sound like ass
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I have plugged in my bass into a guitar amp once or twice, but never for prolonged use. Unless your guitarist friend(or you, if you own a guitar amp as well) feel(s) like risking the chance of having to pay for repairs or replacement, I wouldn't recommend doing it.