I've been looking at different distortion pedals to buy. Only problem is that I don't just play one main genre or sound (anything from Bullet for My Valentine to Foo Fighters to Metallica to Blink-182). Which pedal should I look into?

I've heard the Boss DS-1 is pretty good overall, you guys know more than I do though. Any suggestions?
I have a Laney LX20D. Although I'd also be using it on my friend's Marshall (not sure of the exact amp).

And I play an Ibanez RG 3EXFM1 if that matters.
I've admittedly not tried many distortion pedals. I've only had a rocktron silver dragon, boss ml-2 metal core, ds-1, EH metal muff, and some obnoxious pedal my brother in law built for me. Of them all I like the metal muff the most. The rocktron I liked well enough but it crapped out on me and I simply didn't like it enough to buy another.
I always wanted to try an ibanez tube king distortion pedal though.