For some reason I find it really tedious switching between effect pedals while performing live..I think this could be a combination of nerves and not good technique...obviously I wanna switch the effect pedal at the right time so it doesn't sound weird..also how do you count beats when you're leg is going to switch to a effect pedal? for example, lets say you come in on the 'offbeat' of Beat four...but at the same time you gotta switch to clean..any ideas?

EDIT: Just might like to add that the song im doing has no drums playing while im counting the offbeat of beat 4 so i cant go along with the drummer..
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Get to the point that your counting it in your head, or switch with the other foot.

For a clean shift, your other option would be to roll the volume off one of your pickups and switch pickups to get your clean sound. No feet required.
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Just swap from tapping with your foot to shaking of your head or something. There should be a half a beat or something where you don't need to play anything, swap in there. You could even count exactly when on the beat you hit the switch.

Say I'm clean until for 1+2+3+4 then and the next + I'm dirty. That bar or couple of beats before 4 I'll start counting in semiquavers. That way when I get to the 'e' after 4 I'lll jump on the pedal.

Do you move around much when you play? I tend to tap my foot or walk around on the spot in time to the music. If you do something like that, you can discretely step on the pedal. to go to clean.

Or if you're on clean and going to dirty, you can put the pedal at the front of the stage, run up and jump on it when you do that first dirty chord or when you hit the first note of that screaming riff.

Aim is don't look awkward, do it as unnoticeable as possible, or make a big thing of it.