Hello, I'm looking for a new guitar for both lead and rhythm to play jazz and blues, I'm thinking that a hollow body/semi-hollow is what I'm going for, but as I've never played one some suggestions for specific models would be appreciated (I'm visiting some local music stores tomorrow). Versatility for other genres of music isn't an issue, and price range is up to $1000. Thanks in advance.
Ibanez makes some decent semi hollow guitars for under a grand. cant say a specific model off the top of my head, but try a few out if you can.
I'd suggest a hollow-body from Ibanez or Gibson. I believe Ibanezes are truely hollow,a nd Gibsons have a piece of wood going down the middle.
If you don't want one, try a stratocaster, or a telecaster. I believe they make semi-hollow telecasters. I love tele's , so maybe you should try those.
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and you would make me incredibly jealous. im going for an ibanez hollowbody too, but my budget is only half of yours, still i've tried some of the higher mid range ibby hollows, and they are amazing.
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I'd go with any hollowbody by Epiphone whether its the Casino, Sheraton or Dot, or an Epiphone Lucille B/c I don't think you can find a ES-355 for less than US$2000.


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How about an Ibanez AS-73, they're cheap and good....at least thats my opinion.
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gibson dot. (or 335)

or ibanez artcore
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