Around Christmas, I'm hoping to be getting some equipment, including a stack, for shows. I want a similar tone to the guitar tone in "Pray for Plagues", by Bring Me The Horizon. Another example would be "Composure", by August Burns Red. I was thinking about going towards Marshall or a Peavey 5150, or a Valve King. I need a head, stack, and possibly a pedal if needed to get my desired tone. How much would such a think cost? The cheapest possibilities and the more expensive possibilities would be appreciated. Thanks
what country are you in?
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A Peavy 5150/6505 will run you about 500-600 USD, used. A Marshall 1960 4x12 will run you 300-400 USD, used. That should satisfy all of your metal tone desires. You won't need a pedal, at least for distortion.

this is the stuff you would need to get a sound like august burns red

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