So tommorow my band is going to record a couple songs but heres the problem. Our drummer sucks. He's the only one that doesnt have our songs down completly. Im sure we could make it through it if we could record it piece by piece but i highly doubt we could do it all in one take.

p.s. im sure people are gonna say that we shouldnt record if we dont know our songs. But were recording in my room so its free and we want to have some stuff to show our friends and all that.

edit: i didnt really clearly state my question. How do you guys track drums? The whole song or part by part? is it possible to do it part by part? it seems like it wouldnt for some reason but idk i could be wrong.
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It would be Better to track a song from Start to finish but you can do "punch ins". It would be easier if you researched them yourself, but the basic Idea is you record until he screws up then start him like 4 bars before that part, then punch in the recording when that part begins.
If everyone else plays their parts in one take with a click track, the drummer can record it part by part.

Usually, the drums come first when I record, and everything else is recorded over that (often part by part)
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my main worry is that like its going to sound choppy because certain noises will cut off? ive tracked drums with a much better drummer who could actually play the songs start to finish but ive never done it part by part.
Do each part on a separate track, with a little bit of the preceding part in the new part, then you can edit them together and it will be less choppy if you do it right.
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