ive been playing about 2 years and recently have decided that i would like to improve my skills and be able to shred. i can alternate pick pretty fast; i know the concept of sweeping but when i sweep it sounds like shit; and i can tap pretty good; and aside from that i have all basic skills down hammer-ons ect. i was just wondering how to get my alternate picking to sounds like that of michael angelo batio on the song rainforest and if there are any shred songs i should start out with that will help me improve upon alternate picking and sweeping. thanks ug
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just work on speeding up your scales up and down the neck.
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Yeah, he's right.
The reason MAB sounds so clean and great with his shred is simple.
He practices, LOTS.
He will have used a metronome.
he will know scales well.
If you get bored of scales, find a song with a hard solo, break it down and learn it at a slow tempo.

I find learning techniques on guitar are plateaus...
One day you just set up to practice and you have a breakthrough in your playing.
Playing scales up and down will just teach you to play scales up and down. If you are going to practice scales at least practice them in different sequences, which might at least be of some use to you in a song.

If you want to play fast you need to work on accuracy, coordination and economy of motion - which means playing everything at a slow enough speed that you can play it cleanly and accurately. If your sweeping sounds like pooh then slow it down and focus on playing it accuratey and muting well.

For alt picking Vinnie Moore's Morning Star is pretty cool and not too hard - plus he uses loads of arpeggios and scale fragments which might give you more ideas for what to do with scales.
I agree with Nameless742 and zhilla. Also, try not to think about shredding as a distinct technique. There are just basic techniques (alt picking, legato, bends, vibrato, etc), and abilities (co-ordination, timing, accuracy, finger independence, freedom from tension). When these core techniques/abilities get good enough you can shred.