what is a good guitar brand for people with small hands? A reasonable price (i know this varies by person).
Go to the store and show her around.
There's loads of variables to which guitar goes to which person.
it also depends if she's played before.
A lot of my friends have epiphones.
It doesn't really matter about the size of your hands, mine are small and I can play some things others can't.
ok i didn't know it didn't matter much. I have ****in banana hands so they just seem gigantic compared to hers. haha.
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Essentially, this is true. Go to a guitar store and just try out a bunch of different guitars. I'm not sure if the "guitars under $300" thread is still stickied or not, but if it is, then check out some of the ones in there, and try to find those; those are some of the best for your money essentially (yes there are more unlisted, that's just a starting place).

But yes, essentially "the guitar chooses the guitarist, TS"
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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