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Has anyone switched from guitar to another instrument? Say, guitar to drums?

I noticed there are so many guitar players where I live. I have been singing for about two years, and I've gotten pretty decent. I'm thinking about just auditioning for lead singer from now on.

Anyone else?
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Yeah, I used to focus solely on guitar, and now I'm basically a singer who just uses guitar as an accompaniment to my solo efforts (strumming, some finger-picking (nothing complex)).
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I used to play violin, then i took up guitar.
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I've switched between guitar and bass. Normally, I'll fill in any instrument I can just for the sake of being able to play in a band.
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I started with drums, moved up to guitar and now I'm learning bass and harmonica. I guess you could say I quit drums since I sold my kit, but I still play whenever I can get around a drum kit.
I started out playing bass and while I didn't "quit" I mainly play acoustic guitar now.
I started on bass a little over a year ago. I haven't "quit" bass, but now that I've got a drumset, I've been focusing on drumming a lot more, and only play bass about 30 minutes to an hour a day.
I play guitar.
If I had the time and money I'd like to play, Bass, Drums, Violin and possibly piano too.
I should have said, "Switched primary instruments." Meaning, you traded one instrument for another one which is now your main focus. More time spent practicing. But you still play both.

OR, you just straight up QUIT guitar. It's rare, but I know a few people who have done it... sadly. I still play guitar, but I'm done trying to be Steve Vai.
I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer. The future's uncertain and the end is always near.

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I'm not gonna lie, goin' mobile looks like Sebastian Bach in the eighties.
I've been playing guitar for the past 4 or so years, and recently decided that I should make the change over to bass guitar.

Guitar is still going to be a major part of my life and music passion, but I wanted to focus on something else for a while to restart my fondness of music.
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Swapped from bass to guitar.

Still no girls.
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ive been playing more harmonica recently but i dont think ill give up guitar. i doubt anyone would just give it up completely. unless they havent been playing long. but for me, ive been playing 5 years or so. even if i quit, its not like id forget and id probably still strum out some tunes here and there.
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I've switched between guitar and bass. Normally, I'll fill in any instrument I can just for the sake of being able to play in a band.

thats how i am... i had to record some stuff when my band had no drummer so i learned drums in two days... and i play sax in a ska band =D
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i switched from drums to trombone to guitar to drums to guitar
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I'm just about done with music. Hard to find a good motivation these days.

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Skin flute...still cussin' good at that one.

But guitar will always be my heart and soul. Djembe. Kit. Bass. Throat. Vox.

Whatever's necessary, really. I'll give it a shot.
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I play bass too and i want to start singing, but at the moment i'm able to play the guitar as a soloist, so switch to something where i'm not good does not make much sense.
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I was considering it because I kept getting frustrated at it, but then I went to a guitar store and tried a couple higher-end guitars and it was so much easier so I kept going, realizing I don't just lack skill.

My crappy guitar almost got me to stop playing. Go figure.
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I don't play guitar as much as I used to, but I don't write for it anymore. I'm focused more on music with full symphony than anything else.

I would like to switch to/add piano as well. That would REALLY help me.
I haven't played guitar for a while and usually I don't play very frequently. I have been focusing more on working with computer related musical expression, mostly for school. Last two semesters, I've just been figuring my way around a few DAWs. I wanna be a studio engineer when I grow up
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Well, I still play my guitar regularly, but I also play bass and sing seriously now.
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Heh I've had problems sticking with an instrument. I've tried bass, guitar, and even keyboard, and now I'm playing drums. I've actually stuck with drums for about half a year now though, and don't see myself switching instruments again
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I started with bass I hated it I sold it and switched to guitar. Got bored with that so I bought a drum kit, then a few weeks after that a friend of my dads gave me a keyboard. Now I want to buy a new bass.
Just guitar. I have always wanted to play piano and synth, but don't have the money. I have played these before and something tells me I would be better at them and I like them more than guitars. But everyone I know thinks this isn't a real talent, so I would be beat if I did make the switch.
Synthesizers are some of my favorite instruments. There's so many different methods of synthesis and so much variation in sound that I just consider them different instruments.

Speaking of that, I found an old Roland Alpha Juno 1 on Craigslist. Do want.
I currently play Guitar and Bass but I want to learn piano, violin, mandolin, banjo, and pretty much every stringed instrument. I would also like to learn the drums and harmonica.
Started with bass, i enjoyed it but felt there was more i could do with guitar, i would love to be able to play piano.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I now play guitar, bass, drums, piano, accordian. I have 9 guitars including a 12 string and a bass, 2 drumkits, a piano, a keyboard, a ukelele, 2 accordians, a didgeridoo, pan pipes and a variety of small instruments like a finger harp, tambourine etc etc
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Switched from guitar to bass.

Lets just say blame behringer guitars LMAO.
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I first played bass but found it boring so I switched to guitar. Kind of wish i had kept both going, but then I won't be as good as I am at guitar right now.
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if they did would they be on UG? (ultimate- GUITAR)
I always laugh when I read something like this.
The answer to your question is: Quite possibly ... yes.

There are plenty of people on UG who have switched from guitar to other instruments.
Some play other instruments and have never played guitar at all.
Some don't play an instrument at all!

Yeah, UG is definitely centered around guitar, but it's not exclusively guitar.
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I used to play viola back in 4th grade, then I took up guitar, then bass, then drums, then back to guitar again. I never really stopped playing bass or drums, but I do kinda want to take up viola again. It's a great sounding instrument if played right.
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