Has anyone here played any Michael Kelly acoustics? Im thinking about buying the Nostalgia with the free hard shell case(dreadnought), but not sure my friend says that his guitar teacher says their just like Gibson, but without the gibson name. Are Michael Kelly acoustics good? Never heard of them before.
yes, i've played a couple of 'em a bit. i didn't find them to be much like gibson at all, although they're pretty nice lower priced guitars. i don't know why people always say stuff like "it's just like a martin" or "it's just like a gibson" - i've not once found claims like that to be true.
i dont have an MK acoustic.

I have a Michael Kelly JZ pheonix in shadow black.

around 60 of them hand made in america. big hollowbody PAF pups in it

it is one of the best guitars I have ever played, so if it plays that well, i say get the acoustic.
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ive played the dragon fly acoustic bass, and it was really awesome

so if there acoustic basses say anything for there 6 strings, id say go for it.
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Thanks guys im gonna go for the MK acoustic, it's either that or the Fender Fender CD-60 or Ibanez Ibanez PF25WC (all $200 with hardshell ) thinking the MK is good enough I don't know if i'll have a chance to try any of them out before I can have the chance to buy it.