i havent written a thing in two months so i figured id give it a go again.

syllables that slip are catching on my lips
these thoughts are words but pictures at best
good thing its not sanity that holds up your head
walk away from the cold corner that she loves to whip
trembling like the thoughts that dont touch the rest
the point is that its pointless, were all already dead

shots like to temper a temper to me
too bad these are labeled "cheap sympathy"
running, in my head, good thoughts are dead
so comfortably
so comfortably
irately zen

in the sand the colors feel so tan
in the back in the back i wish i would have ran
four corners, for corners
and bars to confine
too bad these nice thoughts are short on time
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When I saw that, I thought of musical notes.... my elementary school teachers taught them as "tee-tees" "ta-tas" and a bunch of other nonsense....