its a rough-draft of a song i started. I want to change or put more leads into the song and possibly a bridge or solo. Its a post-hardcore/metalcore/pop-punkish song. I would like to think its not to cliche but whatever Tell me what you think and ill return the favor to your song.

Thanks in advanced
DBEA dminor song.gp5
Judging this as i listen:

Measures 1-4: The 2's for guitar 2 are way too overpowering, I really like the lead part so that's good but change up the guitar 2 parts because to me they dont sound that well.

Measures 5-14: These octaves sound very nice, and by very nice i mean VERY nice.

Measures 15-18: I really don't think that this riff fits in with the reast of the song. It's a good riff dont get me wrong, but it doesn't have a smooth transition and it doesnt tie into the next riff in any way.

Measures 19-26: This riff is really generic metalcore, But i guess that it's okay for this peice.

Measures 27-36: Yay, my favorite riff out of the whole song so far. i really like this riff as i said above lol.

Measures 37-42: Same as measures 1-4, overpowering but it can be worked around.

Measures 66-69: No, im sorry but this is not wokring for me. I suggest you change this ending up or spice it up A LOT!

This is an okay song, but it needs alot of work. There are some riffs than shine through but most of them it seemed like u put them there to have a riff in your song. overall i'd give it about 6-7/10

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1 piece of advice: panning, learn how to use it and it'll make your songs that much better. If you have them coming out of both speakers (center) it sounds like utter shit, hell it sounds like dissonance but when I panned the 2 guitars I can tell you were going for a good harmony.

Pan pan and pan some more!
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what exactly is ''pop-core'' JLS with screamed vocals?... that song just sounded like Pop punk to me

but apart from that... everythings been said

edit.... i'd also end it on a chorus after that breakdown
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