On the weekend, I was driving around with a friend. He had gotten a call on his cell phone from one of his friends who had apparently just broken out of juvenile hall. He called and asked if he could somehow provide him with a quick refuge.

We were on our way up north to a big open house party, so we figured; ''Why not?''.

Honestly, I found this guy irritating. He seemed to be letting his jailbreak go to his head, and consequently, he was being a right arrogant bastard.

The next morning, this guy had shot my car with my friend's paintball gun. I marched up to him and looked him in the eyes, my first instinct to smash his face with a rock. Instead, I told him to clean my car, or else he wasn't getting a lift out of here. He did, but this wasn't over so easily.

Unfortunately, this idiot had used up all the ammunition and CO2 in the paintball gun. So me, and one of my friends who knew the area really well, we went and found a canadian tire, where we bought like 1000 paintballs and a fresh tank of CO2.

We drove back to the house, parked in the driveway and called the people inside, asking that they send him outside to see us and lock all the doors.

He began making his way to us in the car. The paintball gun - concealed with a cloth - tapping musically against the steering wheel. He got within 10 feet of the car and my friend put on ''Ace of Spades'' by Motorhead. I kicked the door open and stepped out with my friends M-16 paintball gun.

The look in his eyes, I'll never forget; COMPLETELY stark with terror. He turned to his right and began to run. I opened fire on automatic and every shot connected - a bright, electric orange - to his black jeans, black leather jacket and bare chest.

There's really not much else to tell after that. I must have shot him in the ass, back of the head, basically everywhere, about 100 times. Me and a few buddies took turns with the gun hunting him around the property. It was great fun and the best revenge ever. He learned a good lesson that day, and to this day is the nicest person with me, ever.

Just thought I'd share
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Holy shit bro that's a really cool story I'm going to go and tell all my friends about it because it's really really cool and interesting.