Not sure if this is the right place to post since UG doesnt have a drum forum but:

I need to know how to measure my toms and bass so I can get new heads, I know what my snare is since I bought it online and know its 14 inches but my shell was purchased used so I never knew what the measurements were.

I got a tape measure I just need to know whether to measure the head from top to bottom, left to right or diagnoly?

Also recommendations for new heads would be awesome (I play rock/metal/classic rock and also need a good basshead for like double-bassing).

Thanks in advance.
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I measure the diameter, with the tape measure hooked on the outside of the hoop, and then straight across. You can tell which inch it's closer to once you're over there. If you have to, compare your tom shells to your snare since you know that it's a 14.

As far as brands, just go with whatever. I'm a hobbyist so I don't care a WHOLE lot, I just throw the standard Aquarians on there because they're cheaper than Remo. My kick, however, I know a bit about. The head is an Aquarian Super Kick II (I think that's the name, it has II at the end and that's all you need to know to find it) and it has a foam ring around it, and it sounds AWESOME. It made my kick a thousand times better. I know other guys who use that one, and we all agree it's the best kick batter head EVER.

Another tip: don't bother replacing the kick resonant head, that's not really necessary and it can be expensive.
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