So, with the upcoming holiday season approaching I have a few questions about various effects-related issues.

First off, my current setup is awesome, Right now it goes
Guitar > EQ > Phase 90 > TU-2 > Flanger > Tremolo > Amp
At some point I would like to add in my Sansamp GT2....If I wanted to do that, where would it go in the order?

Secondly, pertaining to the Sansamp, it produces quite a bit of buzz when it's switched on, so I have an EBTech Hum Eliminator box for this. I tried it earlier today without the sansamp, just running it through with my other pedals and it ADDED a hum. It says right on the Hum Eliminator that it is for reducing buzz from ground loops, and my pedalboard is not in any kind of loop, but shouldnt this not matter? I did however realize that when I randomly touched my finger to the "out" cable it went away. (or even when I touched the standby switch on my Dual Rec...so weird). I had it placed right after the tremolo, so everything from the pedalboard is going right into the humbox and then right into the amp, I figured that would be the right order for it (?)

Lastly, I have a 1Spot powering all of my pedals right now, it's very nice, but I've seen many people using the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus for their setups. My question is, is it really a much better choice to be using? Why is it so expensive? Should I get one? I also saw that it has 4 APA slots, and 2 for Line 6, and another 2 for a "sag" but I have 5 pedals total that I would need to power and the extra slot I need wouldnt be a line 6 pedal....could I still use that slot?

Thanks guys!
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Your noise is probably coming from the 1Spot. The PP2+ will eliminate that and it's, IMO, the best power supply on the market. You could still use the Line 6 slot. Put the SansAmp either right before or after the Phase 90, it's up to preference.
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Your order might matter too. I assume your mod pedals are true bypass, or at least very quiet. Try this order:

Guitar->TU-2->SansAmp->Hum Eliminator->EQ->mod pedals.

Also, check your cables. If the hum stops when something metallic is touched, you have a grounding issue. It might be the extra cable you used to hook up the Hum Eliminator. Or, irony of ironies, the Hum Eliminator itself may have a loose wire in it somewhere that is causing the buzz.

At any rate, 80% of your hum will come from overdrive, distortion, EQ, or wah. If you're using good cables and good pedals, you shouldn't get any hum from your phasers and tremolo pedals.

Of course, your milage may vary. No matter what though, you want any distortion effects before the flanger and tremolo, as putting them in after may cause the mod effects to get lost as everything distorts together.
Guitar->TU-2->SansAmp->EQ->mod pedals->Hum Eliminator->Amp

Makes more sense to hook the hum eliminator at the end to eliminate all hum.

Check your pedals see if there is anything loose on the inside. If you aren't sure what you're looking for take some decent photos of the insides of your pedals and post them here.
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