i just purchased a new esp ec-1000 and i can't get one string to stay in tune. when i change tuning or even just ocasionaly the g string will drop a half a step during a song. i have no idea why this is happening, and after i stop and tune it a couple of times it is fine, for the time being at least. any tips?
Don't forget to lock your tuners. Otherwise, I dunno. Could be bad strings, I guess.
Try streching the strings.
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they are locked. and the strings have been changed


Answered your own question.
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As I recall the nut on EC-1000s is made of tusq (which is plenty smooth enough) and has locking tuners - so there's no reason why it should be going out of tune unless you've set it up very poorly or aren't restringing it correctly. Double check over everything, make sure the neck relief and truss rod is set to match the string tension, make sure you're using strings that are the right sort of gauge for optimum tension in whatever tuning you use, make sure the string height is set properly. If everything is set up right, there is absolutely no reason for that guitar to be going out of tune.
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It's probably a bad tuner. Does it always slip about the same amount? Does it slip in every tuning?

I'm guessing that the most likely possibility is that it only supports a tension of, I dunno, F maybe. The string will slacken until it holds that lower tension. You can test this by trying different tunings, and/or a different gauge of string. If the tuner is frequently falling to about the same tension, I'd take the guitar back to the store and ask for a new tuner. Or if they don't do that there, a new guitar.
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they are locked. and the strings have been changed

string could still be slipping. there is a sweet way to string the string on the tuning peg. i do it on my guitars. helps prevent any string slippage. i do a lot of vibrato with my solos thats pretty hard on them so they still come out of tune, but it's normal.

also i forget where it is on this site that it shows you how to do that type of stringing, but if you search the pages about how to restring your guitar and all those other tips its in there some where. im sure someone has it. i might have it book marked. ill check.
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they are locked. and the strings have been changed

Give time for the strings to stretch, just keep playing the guitar until the strings settle and keep in tune for longer then 5 minutes.
first of all, kevy is obviously retarded. secondly the strings have been stretched plenty. i play with dr black beauties 10-46. i was just wondering if maybe it was something in the bridge seeing as how i am not used to a hardtail bridge. i am used to using floyds in all of my guitars, i just decided a change of pace was in order.