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Ibanez GRG170DX
14 67%
Affinity Strat
0 0%
Affinity Fat Strat
2 10%
Squier Standard Strat
1 5%
Pacifica 012
4 19%
Voters: 21.
I'm thinking of getting into guitar and i don't really have much of an idea what to chose, i do have a basic idea of what a humbucker and single coil pickups are and stuff like that but not much past that.

I'm thinking of spending around ~$400, I'm mainly into metal (Metallica, Lordi, Amon Amarth) and rock (Rammstein and softer stuff like pink floyd) but i have a drummer friend and a couple of people who can sing so i might end up having to play anything really...

Anyway i checked out a local music shop and found all the guitars around $400

Ibanez GRG170DX

Yamaha PAC012 Pacifica

Squier Affinity Strat

Squier Affinity *Fat* Strat

Squier *Standard* Strat

I'm leaning towards the grg170dx myself but any suggestions would be appreciated

Cheers, kingpomba
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i voted yamaha because i have found a few of those models that were actually pretty decent players. the Ibanez models are decent as well

But the key when searching for a low priced guitar is to find the one that plays the best, because QC is inconsistent. You might find 1 great player in about 10 that play like crap.

So with whatever you choose, search high and low until you find one that plays well
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I'd go for the fat strat myself, versatile little bugger. I got one as my first guitar (granted it wasn't affinity), but it suited me for many a year...

You think aus is expensive? Try over the ditch in NZ :p

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Quote by LiquidFear
maybe at ESP LTD MH-50, goes for about $450

Problem is its like 600-700 in Australia... i can always dream though
Another option is to order from the US. You can sometimes save up to 50% in some cases. You could get an Ibanez rg321 for around $400 AUD including shipping.

I just bought a Charvel Socal for $1225 AUD from the US including shipping, and it costs $1895 AUD to buy it in Australia.

Ofcourse, you don't get to try out the particular guitar you are buying so it's always a gamble since you may get a dud, and it would be hard to return (return shipping fees etc).

EDIT: I also bought a schecter classic for $700 AUD from the US, and it costs $1800 AUD to buy one here.
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Ibanez RGs tend to be nice and easy to play, but I can't vouch for Gios. Pacificas are rather well made entry-level guitars as well.
Quote by kingpomba
Problem is its like 600-700 in Australia... i can always dream though


i bought mine for $450 the other day in Adelaide
Quote by LiquidFear

i bought mine for $450 the other day in Adelaide

Oh yeah sorry man.... i just kind of assumed you were american at first... between then and now ive seen that guitar...i eliminated the other choices..now i got some other ones lol... didnt get any easier... i feel another thread comming on
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