Hey guys, I love the guitars these guys use (Karnivool) and I think both dudes have the same guitar or perhaps very similar. Could somone please identify possible brands/models that these guys are using.

This ibanez is very similar but isn't the same one:

I want to trade my Fender Strat in for one. Thanks

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custom 24 or 22
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Are PRS SE Custom's compared to PRS Customs like Squier to Fender? i.e. Is the SE like a cheapo version of the Custom?
Not the the Squier extent, it's more like a MIM vs an MIA (mexican vs american made). Still a great guitar, just not mindblowingly amazing.
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Ahh indeed indeed. I have a Mexican Humbucker Strat. Would I be downgrading or upgrading if I were to get a Custom 22 or SE Custom 22?

The reason why I don't know these things as a guitarist is because I have had this guitar for like 5 years (out of my 9 playing) and haven't really thought about getting another one.