What are you talking about?
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It looks like a dirt pedal.

Care to explain? I haz never heard of such a thing.
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Quote by WtrPlyr
I like this picture more
*tons of WIIO*

Oh, please review and clips when you get it

they're coming out of the f*ckin walls!!!

Never heard of those. You just got me curious.
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ming - have you played a bjf model h? would be interesting to hear a comparison between that and this one

Nope, never have. Probably never will either. For some reason BJF does nothing for me. Kinda like all pedals anymore. The only reason that I'm getting this is cause of the "only 100 made".
Yo Ming you have a crazy amount of pedals.

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I bought an amp recently, so no, I'm not. I wish...

Happy early new pedal day . Also, I'm really jealous of that Prometheus.

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