Hi all,
How would you buy a guitar online? without actually knowing what it'll feel like in your hands or how it sounds like? Specially when its a used one, when you have no idea the torment that a certain piece of equipment has gone through?
To get a gist of a guitar line, see if someone you know has a similar guitar, or ask if you can try one at a guitar shop.
As for the quality of an individual guitar, will that's going to be pot luck I'm afraid.
I've bought both new and used instruments online, and it is always going to be a gamble. The best you can do is to buy from a reputable dealer or seller. In that case, you will likely be covered if anything goes wrong. As for buying from a private party, it is a considerable risk. Still, it is often the way to get the best deal, or to get a discontinued instrument that you can't find anywhere else.