I've been reading up on sustaining devices, and have discovered that, as far as I've read, Sustainiacs are generally better than Fernandes Sustainers. However, I want to keep a good tone as well. My all-time (yes, I said all-time) favorite lead tones are from Steve Vai's "Melissa's Garden" and "Windows to the Soul", which I know for a fact he used a Fernandes Sustainer at the time. I would kill to have that tone. So my question is, would the Sustainiac's tone compare to the Fernandes' tone (in the songs I've mentioned)?
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Tone is more dependent on the amp than the pickups, so using Vai's pickups won't make you sound like Vai.
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I didn't notice any particular tone suckage using a Jackson equipped with a Sustainiac. Just oodles of delicious sustain.
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I didn't notice any particular tone suckage using a Jackson equipped with a Sustainiac. Just oodles of delicious sustain.

Same here with my DK2S. The Sustainiac on it's own pumps out some sweet clean tones and matches great with my Air Norton in the middle position.

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I make Sustainers as a pastime, for example, here you can see how I went about designing/fitting my own Sustainer design to an Ibanez RG (similarish to a Jem) *and* still keeping both the guitar's original pickups (something you can't do with any commercial sustainer, which all require you to forsake your neck pickup) ....


or i you just want to see a quick 'n dirty video of my end result....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXB92cSQi8E (skip the first 15 seconds...that was just to show the integrated LEDs working as a bargraph generator)

So I know a little about Sustainers

Ok, to your point .....when Sustaining, the Sustainer will only perpetuate the tone you have already (in other words a Sustainer doesn't color the tone)....it's just keeping that string vibrating, leaving your tone to be contoured by the guitar's construction (wood type etc), guitar pickup used & the signal path it feeds.

Of course, if you're referring to the Sustainer when it's acting as a standard pickup (ie non Sustainer mode), then yes, there'll be tonal differences....& in this respect, I have no idea which is best (not that it'd matter anyway, because it'd be my 'best' & not necessarily your best!)
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