alright, I've been doing some research on which compressor to buy. Should i get a mxr super comp or the original mxr dyna comp with the script logo? I'ts a pain looking for the original dyna comp, not to mention, its $100 more. Is the extra money worth it? Also, if anyone has any other suggestions in this price range, go ahead and tell me.
Not sure about price since i'm in Australia, but the Carl Martin compressor is worth a look at.
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The Super comp is a good compressor.........I just picked up a H.B.E. CPR compressor and it's killer!!
i think the keeley is too expensive for me. Can someone just help me decide between those two pedals? the super or the dyna script comp?
The Script sounds slightly better, IMO not $100 better. The $70 version is a great budget compressor but neither compare to any of the boutique comps like Keeley, Analogman, Demeter, Joemeek, etc. I highly recommend that you look for a used Keeley, which is at heart a modded script Dyna Comp. My only gripe is what it does to your high end, which isn't all that bad. In fact, it messes with it less than the Dyna Comp. The Analogman is similar but deals a little bit better with the high end IMO. The Demeter and Joemeek are much more transparent than either of those.
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Of the two you listed, go with the Dyna Comp. If you can afford the price, however, go with the EBS Multi Comp Dual Band Compressor. It is an amazing piece of equipment.
Rothwell Love Squeeze, PGS did a comparison video with the Keeley and Love Squeeze - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcWHOjfZcSM
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