I tried them before theyre good but not the best. what gauges do u want? and what kind of music do you play?
answer and ill help u with a cheap (and great) choice of strings.
they're not great if i remember right
I would get elixirs or boomers or ernie balls if i were you
Don't know, you should try them out before you buy a pack like that.

Side note people argue that D'Addario strings are the best.

If you have enough money you should go for coated strings, they last a very long time, if you want.
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Um, i play like punk rock, and I guess a little bit of rock. So probably some strings that would take a beating. Also like 9 -10 would be a good guage.
ok well the best strings i have ever used was laBella but thats expensive as hell.
2nd best was webstrings.com and i have used them for years. one set of strings is about 2.99 (not joking) based on your preferences you should go with the XL-Bottom set.
Also deliver is about 3 to 4 days. relatively short time compared to most =D

It's all a matter of taste. Try them, if you don't like them, try something else.

Personally, I'm all for Ernie Ball strings, and I play Super Slinky set (9-42 + 56 for 7-string low B). But give D'addario a try too.
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try the Clear Tone EMP strings. ive had the same set on one guitar for probably two months. they need changing now but they just got this way due to a long gig and my persistently sweaty hands. they've retained good tone longer than any elixers ive used for as long and they cost less. once the stretching period is done, i didnt have any tuning issues. this guitar has a hardtail just so you know.

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