I was on the side of town where the local GC was, and although I'm loyal to our local music store, I thought, "why the hell not"? I got to try the Blackstar HT-5 at long last, and was quite impressed. (our local store doesn't stock Blackstar). What really got me though, was when I went to look at the used gear. Amid the stack of old dusty amps, I saw it. It caught my eye like a diamond in the rough. It was a 2-channel Dual Rec. It was marked up for about 1K. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that only about 500 of these were made, and it's probably worth way more than what it's marked up for. My question is, Should I try and spring for it? I could get a job over winter break and save up enough $$ for it, but I'd much rather help my audio production teacher set up live shows for the school, and believe me, he needs all the help he can get with all of the Christmas stuff going on.

Essentially, are the original 2-channel Dual Recs so good that I should struggle frantically to bring in the cash to get one? Or should I work on other things over break?
only advice i have for you is put it on lay away asap. and make payments on it as often as possible if you do want it. they wont hold it for you or any of that shit. they hold stuff for a day. thats it. make moves quick.
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There were tons of 2 channels made. You're referring to the "pre-500" which are considered the holy grail of the 2 channels and are worth quite a bit on the used market. $1000 is a pretty fair price though, they sound great.
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