Hey guys, I live in Hawaii and we only have 2-3 guitar shops that overcharge and have a very dissapointing selection. All my friends chipped in to give me guitar money and I want to get the best deal possible, so I am going to buy something online. Ill probably make another thread later on the gear forum about what my options are but I would like to research myself first and pick some choices to ask about.

So I am asking what is like the top 3 websites to buy guitars and amps online?

I have visited sweetwater because they send me catalogs but they obviously dont specialize in guitars and amps, and they do have good amp deals in there but their guitar selection is shallow.

Any help for a relatively new guitarist, buying his first NEW guitar and amp would be greatly appreciated.
Uh try

their stuff is pretty good for the utterly cheap price.
no clue if they ship to hawaii though.
There really isn't a "best," as no single dealer carries all brands and price ranges of gear. It depends on what you want. The three 800-pound gorillas in the room are Musician's Friend, Guitar Center and Sam Ash. But they won't have everything - particularly the very high-end stuff - nor every brand of guitar and amplifier. Your best bet would be to decide on what you want, go to that manufacturer's website and see what online dealers they work with.
And some makers, like Carvin, are almost exclusively sold online.

(They, BTW, have an excellent reputation as both a maker and as a good online retailer.)
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