Hi guys , I want your opinion on some mods Im doing to my 98 Mexican Strat , and suggestions as to what else I can do to it.

So far Im installing a Zvex SHO booster pedal inside of it , a killswitch , rewireing everything to include the usage of phase shifting , doing the 60s Gibson tone mod.

Im trying to make this guitar as versatile as possible , I have a very high output pup in the bridge , a texas noiseless in the middle and neck.

When the SHO is on with the gain know set to 0 it acts like a clean boost but due to its high impedance it makes my strat sound really trebley ,like a tele on steroids.
The tone mod keeps my high end when I turn the know towards 0.

Is there anything more I could do?
Its gonna be bright as shit with the SHO on , so there really is no point in changing the pot values.
Wire in a capacitor to filter out some of that brightness? If you wire it into the right place, it'll only affect your tone when the Sho is on. If you wire it in series in between a pot & the ground, then you can control the brightness. That pot can go on the back of the guitar, in the trem cavity if you want to be subtle.

Experiment with different values on the cap.