I recently lost my epiphone les paul custom, fender mexican strat and vox ad30vt amplifier to a house fire. Luckily after putting the two guitars insurance money together, i was able to purchase an American strat. The problem is, i still dont have amp, and need one desperately. I have no money, so the highest amount i could spend wold be the vox ad30vt's list price. Does that amplifier justify such a great guitar? Obviously not, im open to suggestions...Keep vox?
I'm sorry for your lose, not joking either.
Vox is a nice amp though
It's in quite high recommendation for beginners and intermediate players.
I use one too!
I have a Mexican strat as well.
Read the reviews d00d!1!
Oh yeah, and you could always get a second-hand amp?
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yea i just feel like the vox doesnt do the american strat i have now any justice. i play alot of classic rock, bluesy stuff so that is the type of amp that i would need.
Well there are a lot of marshall's out there for around that price.
It's definately the "best" choice out there in it's price range.
It has a some good amp models in it's selection.
Give it a go at the store.
It's a good quality amp and with a few pedals you can get tonnes of tones.

I see where you're coming from, but this amp is really good quality.
I play metal mostly, but i've...DABBLED in Jazz and Blues.
It's versatile.

what was the amp you were using first?
get the vox vt15. its the newer model. it has 22 amp models, 11 more than the vox30vt.
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You could always sell your body and get a MESA.
and if you're really good you can buy me one!