Hi all... I felt like posting something today, so here's my latest competition entry from gprotab. Bit of an old song, goes back to May, but still one of my best, I think - mostly because I tried to give it some actual emotion rather than just being crazy prog. But judge for yourselves.

C4C, might take a while to reply because I'm kinda busy, but I will reply, don't worry

That was really, quite nice. Just enough of the prog to keep it interesting, but good emotion too. Honestly, it reminded me of Ulver on Perdition City, which is nothing but a good think [PC is one of my favorites].

I really liked the leads and melodies, and the fading in and out electronics were a really nice touch. I just think the song was BEGGING for at least one section with regular drums and regular bass. And maybe some sax too. [Perdition City fan in me talking there]

Otherwise, it was pretty much perfect. Although now I see it, I think it could use more direction. Build into something. Cause it does just kinda stay in the melodic, widdly-woo style throughout.

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Very beautiful.

I would love to give you a piece by piece break down like you did for me... But 1) I'm not as talented as you are (I have no clue about anything theory) and 2) this was brilliantly done.

The only things I have to say are that I think this was more of a well-done electronic song than a prog piece. It all was very melodic and well put together... But the "electronic drums" and synth bass got a little tiresome after a while... I kept expecting the song to pick up and go somewhere, but it just hovered in the beautiful melodious state it started in.

I think some "regular" drums/drumming and maybe some "regular" bass could help a little. But overall, you have an amazing piece here.
Pure Awesomeness, so to say. I love how detailed is this work. I really liked the use of "artificial" drums, which gave it more electronic sound. The prog-ness doesn't make it unbearable to me, as it usually does, so it's also a big plus. I can't really say anything bad about this work.

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Thanks for the crit.

This is a really beautiful song. Well composed and well put together.

The Improv solo was brilliant. Actually from that point all the way until the song ended was brilliant.

I felt that the drums at times were a little bit annoying.

Other than that, I felt it kind of hard to connect with the music. I'm not really sure why it was happening, but it just felt like I was on the outside looking in. But I think in the end that has more to do with personal taste than anything you've done.
Right, thanks folks I probably won't be able to answer more comments for now, uni work is getting all over me :p

Anyway, some of you said this stayed for too long in the pretty melodic register... yeah, I get the point. When I was making this the original idea was to make the "build-up" section lead into something a bit heavier, but then I ran a bit out of inspiration to make something that would actually fit - and then I realized, look at the title! It's "irrelevant" for god's sakes, it's supposed to be low-profile. xDD

But yeah, thanks. Glad you enjoyed at least somewhat.