Hey guys, so I'm selling my 2008 ENGL Invader 100 and the flight case I had built custom for it by Flightcase Warehouse before they started building them this exact size anyway.

A little detail, it's barely been used as much as it should have been, never gigged, rehearsed on at volume twice, cranked perhaps twice otherwise (I have lived in student accommodation since I had it). It is literally as good as new, especially considering it has brand new poweramp tubes in with about 24 hours playing time on them. No mods, no changes, literally is as it came from the box.

It is a 100 Watt all tube amplifier with 4 distinctly individual channels, each with 'High Gain' and 'Bright' switches, built in noise gate, 2 master volumes, 2 effects loops, all features are MIDI controllable, and the MIDI programming is incredibly easy.

I regret to be selling it, but the need has come along to downsize (albeit upgrade) my rig in general a bit and I plan on running an AxeFX Ultra with a VHT/Fryette Poweramp (2-50-2 preferably), and these are the only things I'm really looking to accept a trade for.

Otherwise the price I'm looking at is:
£1500 for the ENGL Invader 100,
£100 for the flight case or,
£1600 for the both of them.

The current going rate for a brand new one of these amp heads floats around the £2000 mark so you'd be getting quite a bargain.

I'm open to anyone who wants to come and test the amp out to see if it's their kind of thing but only if they are seriously thinking of buying. Pickup and payment in person is preferred but I would be happy to ship within Europe at the buyers expense.

My email address is peteyg@redseasfire.co.uk, feel free to shoot me a PM on here however it may take me longer to get to answering you.



The FCWH tag, you can see some of the scratching on this photo.

In the flightcase

With the top of the flight case off.

An old photo with the lights and all that on.

Hope to hear from any of you soon.


This amp is truly a great amp and very versatile, I play a lot of different styles of music and there's only a handful of sounds I haven't been able to achieve completely successfully. You would be getting an amp that really stands up against and even surpasses other high end amplifiers considered to be the industry standard.

Here's a couple of videos of the amp (not just mine but other peoples too) doing various sounds.

Here I am playing the end of Goliath by Karnivool through mine:

Here's Misha from Periphery doing Icarus Lives:

Doug Rappoport at NAMM 2009 doing some nice lead style playing with few more classic styled tones:

Hopefully this might persuade some of you.