Hello UGers

What I've learned from my years in the pit is when a fellow UGer needs help winning something vote based, we always win

so I simply ask for 5 minutes of your time to help me win the competition

here's the gist:
tee shirt comp, prize is $3,500 towards a Student Exchange Australia Year Program or a nice laptop

Some poser chick is winning by getting her family and family's friend's to vote for her
so to get into the top 10 I really need a quick boost in votes and comments

My design is shown above; I need you guys to quickly rego and vote for me via this link:

If I win this, I will forever be in the Pit's debt
erm, who are you?
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^Who cares? Help out a fellow UGer.

EDIT: Oh, you have to register...
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I looked through the gallery and yours is definitely the best.

Still, registration? I'm a busy, busy man
tut tut wheres the morals..oh wait its the pit one of the few places devoid of any morailty xD
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was going to....but registration....still considering....will look at the fields i need to fill, nah.
you would be waaay better off if you asked for us to help, not rig the contest. poor choice of words
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but rigging sounds more fun? seriously guys
and I realize that rego is a pain, but its 3.5G
c'mon guys
I think you misunderstand; it's an exchange program for Australian students
and just getting in the top 10 gives me $100 so I think I can pull it off
i would help, but i really really don't wanna register. my junkmail box is overflowing because of how many sites ive registered with to help ugers with contests.
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Use this to register. you fill out your email address as *inserthere*@mailinator.com, go to mailinator.com and type in the username you wanted in the check your inbox box, and the email will be there for 24 hours.

oh, and i voted.

there is also www.10minutemail.com

gives u a 10 minute email account, you can keep clicking "give me more ten minutes" too,

i use it all the time for bs email registrations
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i voted
and voted down on the others
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