No, it's not really an undefined genre, I just dunno what to put there...
Help would be appreciated in that department as well - I'll change it once someone gives me a good suggestion.
EDIT: K, I'll leave it at progressive, as suggested.

Anyway, yeah, this song was the last one I finished - as you can see, it's in a competition atm. I really hope you guys enjoy it...

As per custom, C4C. More details given = more details given back.
Pensive Aubade.gp4
Pensive Aubade.gp5
Pensive Aubade.mid
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I liked that, parts sounded in the same vain as some Dream Theater Stuff. As for Genre i think the best way to describe it is "progressive". Not that it matters much. I liked the amount of stuff going on. All sounding smooth at fitted together nicely. Type of song you could just sit and listen and chill to.
I agree with Deece, just call it prog and leave it at that. Amazing song, I thought it might get a bit cluttered when I saw how many instruments you had in there but everything went together so well, good work mate.
You write very strong vocal melodies sir. I've looked through most of your work and that axiom holds up quite well.

The start wasn't as powerful as Wallace, but it does pack a punch. Due to this being a bit less "active" it didn't captive my attention as much. It's unfair to compare it to a previous song though.
The thing about your songs is that there are hardly any noticeable faults.
Transitions are almost non-existent, since the flow is so consistent. hehe, that rhyme was unintentional.

Anyways. The only real gripe I have is the end. I was expecting something larger and more noisy towards the end, but this has more to do with personal preference than the technical aspect.