Hi guys,

Whenever I pick my guitar to play at parties I "disapoint" people because I only know old songs they ignore (beatles, stones etc etc). For 18-25 people, what recent songs do you recommend (any style, any artist) to play? They must be entertaining/groovy, recent (less than 5 years) and widely known...

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how about some arctic monkeys songs ( i bet you look good on the dancefloor,choo choo,you couldnt see for the lights)
GOOD guitar songs in the last 5 years? are there any? seriously.
i dunnno. some kings of leon maybe? they're kinda well known, and play guitar, plus their shit isnt hard
Stuff like Hey There Delilah, Kings of Leon songs, and perhaps some '90s songs that everybody knows, like Save Tonight.
...marmalade is my jam.
Tsst tell them get out of radio. Still perhaps greenday songs, maybe old hits such as enter sandman, crazy train, stuff like the or learn whats on the top 100's list on this very site.
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Here are some I play at partys that everyone likes:

East Jesus Nowhere: Green Day
Never too late: Three Days Grace
Beat it: Michael Jackson
Unholy Confessions: A7x
american idiot-greenday
sex on fire -kings of leon(i dont really like that song ,but its a good party song)
sweet child o mine -guns n roses(its not recent but its a classic)
99 red balloons is a good one aswell.
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As the guy above me said, almost everybody likes Blink 182, and you should also try some McFLY, if you look right, they have some pretty nice solos to learn
Hotel Yorba by White Stripes - It's pretty popular and is a good sing along, I always play it when i'm at festivals. It's only 3 chords as well - G, C, D.

Classical Gas is a good party piece. Most people haven't heard OF it, by name anyway, but they probably have heard it played at some point.