I've been playing electric guitar for 3 years and acoustic for 9 years (acoustic was on-off and inconsistent) so it's fair to say that I'm an amateur guitarist, definitely beyond beginner I hope. So I'm looking for a half decent guitar. I've been looking online and found the Epiphone les paul which looks quite good at about £250 - that's the sort of price range I'm thinking of (or cheaper).

Firstly, is this guitar any good to your knowledge?
Secondly, can anyone recommend any other guitars at a similar sort of price.

I play mostly Punk and Rock along with some Ska and Metal on occasion if that helps.

Also, is this in the right place? I wasn't sure, sorry if it's wrong.
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The Epiphone Les Paul?
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Wrong forum, you probably want to delete this and take it to the Electric Guitar forum. Also, I wouldn't call it "guitar picking help" because it sounds like you need help with picking style.
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I had a feeling I was wrong... Oh well I'll go to the right one. Is there a way to delete this thread?
post some pr0n. thread will definately get closed. you might get banned too though... but it would be worth it??
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Delete your first post, that will delete the thread.
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