Hey guys.

Need your advice on this track. Guitars are okay....but still a bit fizzy in places, and even a bit out of phase sounding in some other areas. I just want advice on what you think of the individual instrument sounds, and then perhaps maybe some advice on mixing it. I adjusted volumes a bit...but not an actual mix for the song. I want the kick and bass to be really the driving force of this mix, with the guitars sitting nicely. Any help would be great.

The clip is on my profile, Sample 2 (Un-Mixed)

Thanks guys.


Forgot to say...don't ask about the drums...please....

We recorded with 2 overheads in an awful room and ended up with brutal bleed....oh...and it was a 4 mic setup....(school project limitations) and so I ended up sampling the kick and the snare...and then going with what the overheads picked up....so yes...the drums are awful.....i will admit that....
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