so ive been playing for a year and just recently (2 days) started learning scales and such, i was wondering if someone could give me some tips on that, or what i should learn, etc..

i learned C, D, E, and F scales, i play frets 1-5, then 7-10 on each scale, seperately. ex:


then i play


(i go back down, too)

thats basically all i do, should i try specific patterns or what?
Try learning the circle of fiths, it really helps with understanding the rest of the scales and youll know what notes are in certains keys, etc.
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If you want to understand them, and be able to decide which scale to use when, start with the major scale and learn it so you understand how its constructed in terms of steps (WWHWWWH), intervals (root, maj 2nd, maj 3rd, perfect 4th etc) and notes (eg G Maj = G A B C D E F#). And learn how it sounds.

When you're really comfortable with that learn how the natural minor is related to the major scale, and then learn how the pentatonics are related to the major and minor scales.

If you want to be able to improvise straight away I'd learn the 1st position of the minor pentatonic, but not worry too much about understanding it til you've got the major scale nailed.

Once you can recognise the sound of a scale, start practising it in different patterns - you want to be able to play it single string, 2nps, 3nps, forwards, backwards, in different sequencies. You'll probably never play a scale straight up and down in a song, so don't just practice them like that. Practice them in 3rds and 4ths and any sequencies you can think of

Edit: If you're going to learn patterns make sure you understand where they come from.
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how have you not learned any scales yet?

I didnt have a teacher, books, dvds or anything. I just used tabs to learn songs >>

Thanks guys, i'll see how it goes =D