which one is better
as the case may be is the
price difference justifiable?
fender cd 140(sce) is *much* better than the cd 60(ce).

* 140's got a rosewood fretboard (compared to a sonokeling one on the 60 - the fretboard matters a LOT to me 'cause this is the part of the guitar that you touch most often, and kinda dictates the "feel" - authentic rosewood is "silky smooth" compared sonokeling)

* 140's got mahagony body (vs nato on 60) and solid spruce top (vs laminated spruce on 60) - in short, 140's made of serious stuff 60's basically plywood. The difference is immediately audible (140's got a 1000 times more richer, balanced tone than 60) & becomes more & more prominent as the years go by

* Electronics - 140's Presys system (with on-board active preamp) beats 60's Isys III hands down any day, in terms of..well basically everything. It's like comparing a Ferrari with a bicycle - unfair.

Only flipside these cheap Fender acoustics is the "factory state" actions are a bit too high (it was 8/64" on my 140. High end Martins usually have around 4/64"-6/64"), but it's nothing that some minimal truss rod adjustments can't bring down. Would cost you around $75 to get it done professionally - a bargain if compared to the prices ($300 for a 140 vs $2000+ for a Martin).

I'd say it's a freaking awesome acoustic to start off with. There's really no need to go beyond a Talkamine G-series/Ibanez AE/Fender CD140 to begin with (unless you are high on cash) - esp if you are not a major acoustic player.

Disclaimer: I own a Fender CD 140sce. Have played all the models mentioned, and a few other also, and I personally found the 140 delivers the biggest "bang for buck " amongst these in the price range.
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cd 140 sce, without a doubt. personally i'm not a fender fan, but this isn't a bad guitar.