I've been looking around at guitars to fulfil my MetalCore/DeathCore needs. I like a big chunky neck, that you can definitely feel in your hands, and for god sake, NOT A D SHAPE! So, the Schecter Diamond C-1 Hellraiser seems to fit all my other requirements but I can't find anything about it's neck profile (Which i've seen ESP handily mention on their site, nice touch). So, can anyone help?

Is it, RG or LP?
yeah, go to a store and try out some guitars

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That was more than helpful.

I already know what I want. I'm just asking whether anyone knows about this guitar's neck profile.
Schecter necks are more LP. I think they are a bit thinner then LP necks and thicker then RG.
You live in London.
Go to Denmark Street, find a Schecter, and try it out. :/ We can tell you how thick the profile is, but even the same profile will feel different to different people.
The thickness is my main worry, and as long as it's not a D shape i'm generally fine with necks.
They're a little thinner than an Epiphone neck. Medium-thin.
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Then go and try out the guitars. Is it that big of a deal to actually try out a guitar?

Uhmm....as much as i'd love to right now, My store's shut, I'm tired after work, I just wanna know what to expect, so that when I head down there tomorrow to try it out, my dreams won't be shattered by a D contour.

I also have something against the D shape neck. I believe Schecter neck profile is more like a C shape than thin D. It has been a long time sincei touched a Schecter last so i might be wrong, though xD

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weekends are your best bet. we can all tell you that a certain neck will feel a certain way, but we can't tell you what you will ad won't like. even if it was a D contour, we'd still want you to try it out cause maybe you would like the feel of it/ you never know if you like something until you try it. everyone here can rant about the neck,but you'll have to make your own decision off of what you enjoy regardless of what you think you don't like
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