I was wondering, how does the guitar actually fit over the drummer, Obv there is a clear beat but how many notes are transposed over each beat and could someone help me explain how tabs explain the beat of a song. If anyone could answerthis it would be greatly appreciated, trying to play decapitateds spheres of madness and my timing is all off.
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You should use the tab only for the notes, not for the rhythm. Just listen to the track and figure it out by ear.

Also, if I'm correct, the guitar switches between 8ths/16th notes and triplets in the first riff.
Generally tabs don't include timing, though sometimes over it it'll have stuff like "Q" (quarter note), etc. If it doesn't have any sort of timing indicator on the top, then the tabber probably assumes you can listen to the song and figure it out on your own. Try to find a PowerTab or GuitarPro file if you need the timing along with the tab.