I might ask my parents for one for christmas, along with the Vox AC4TV. Is it a good guitar for mainly blues rock, blues and a little heavier stuff like AIC or GNR?
Can't tell you much on the amp but for the money the G-400 is definitely a decent guitar.
It should be good for AIC and GNR music not sure about blues or blues rock though.
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I have one and I hated it. I hated the neck but that's personal. The neck dive was killer for me. That's the number one reason I'm getting rid of it. There's really nothing I like about it and the bad far outweighs the good. I changed the pickups on it and it sounds good, but its a pain playing it.
I have a used one in excellent condition for around 200, half the price of a new guitar.
everything works as well as the day i bought it, email if your interested.

Depending on the amp you have, this guitar has incredible range, Blues, Rock, Metal, etc.
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i have a g400 and i like it a lot. got mine used. even the price of a new one is well worht it. good guitar. sounds great. can play blues to metal ot rock to whatever else i want.
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I reccomend the Vintage SG (Vintage is a brand, not as in "old" vintage) It's excellent, looks just like a real SG, it's so light you can barely feel the strap round your neck, and of course, has an excellent sound.

I think it's also available in black, aside from the standard wine red colour.

I very much reccomend this SG.

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I had one and couldn't tolerate the neck dive. You can remedy that by moving the strap peg to the tip of the upper horn or by using a wide suede strap though.

Tone wise the guitar was good, and apart from the neck dive, so was the playability.
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I've had mine for about two months and the nut in front of the input jack has fallen off, I put it back though.
Also the volume and tone control knobs on mine are slanted.
Anyway, the guitar puts out some decent sound but I don't feel that this is a keeper.
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Its probably really good, ignore the thing above. Anti Epi people get on my nerves.
It's my main guitar right now (unfortunately). It's okay. Don't expect great cleans out of it, but it sounds pretty good with mid-high gain.
The neck dive is awful though, and the neck on mine is bizarrely warped or something and the action is higher on one side of the neck than the other at parts, even on the same fret. But I don't think that's a common problem.
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