Paul Rodgers have always been my favourite when it comes to classic rock.

John Bundrick
Andy Fraser
Simon Kirke
Paul Kossoff

Wendell Richardson
Paul Rodgers
Tetsu Yamauchi

Bad Company
Paul Rodgers
Mick Ralphs
Simon Kirke

The Firm
Paul Rodgers
Jimmy Page
Tony Franklin
Chris Slade

My favourite songs are:
Wishing Well, Can't get enough and All right now
I always liked Bad Company well enough, only having heard the hits. The same for Free. I'm a Jimmy Page Whore myself, so of course I've listened to them. I though the first album was great, but the second one sounded a bit lackluster to me

Don't even get me started on Queen + Paul Rodgers...
Ye, I did not want to include Queen into this thread because he wasnt a real member of the band.

I am a Jimmy Page fan to