I'm new here and i realize y'all probably get this alot, but i want to upgrade from my Ovation Celebrity CC44 and into a full-bodied guitar. I have about 800 dollars to spend. I was looking at the taylor 210e, with the rosewood back and sides, and also at the taylor 110ce with the sapele back and sides. Which is better do you think? I've heard positive and negative reviews on both sides. Should i be looking at a different brand? Thanks for putting up with me hahahah
Those guitars are certainly nice players, and there are several people around here who really like them.

I personally think that you might be able to find a better value in some other brands (which have all-solid wood construction in the same price range). I would look at Alvarez, Blueridge, and the Seagull SWS series too. The biggest thing is to go play everything in your price range, and let your ears and your hands decide what is best for you.

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i have my 210e in my hands right now, and its one of the best guitars i have played, and puts up well with the abuse that i throw at it (i play everything from chordal accompaniment to tommy emmanuel, to andy mckee and hedges whith the most bizarre tunings i have ever seen).

great for anything, fingerstyle, strumming, flat picking etc, a good dreadnaught is pretty much the best all-rounder there is.

tone is easily comparable to £2k+ instruments, and in fact it sounds nicer than most taylors and martins i have played.

though i did my research, took a few friends with me to help me decide and shopped round a lot!

just because it has laminated B&S doesn't mean it is any better or worse than something that costs the same amount of money and is all solid. though of course, there is always the change that my guitar is the exception to the rule (but everyone thinks that)

basically, if you find one, and you really like the sound, the playability and the price, get it, they are the best sub £1k guitars i have played.
go to the local store, play every acoustic in there until you found the nicest one..
if its in your price range buy it
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I have a 110 (also in my hands right now :-p) and I love it but the best advice is to go try them! I have played Taylors I didn't like so definitly try them out.