Hi guys,
So I've been having a heck of a time trying to find a wiring diagram for my project. Its HSS with a Tone Zone bridge, Cruiser Single Coil mid, and Fast Track 1 Neck.

I'm looking at a 5 way switch and push pull volume and tone pots.

So where could I find a diagram for that? I know there are some of you out there who know so thanks in advance!

Also, what is a multipole 5 way switch? Do I need one or no? And if I did have one how would it be wired with the above credentials? Thanks
the wiring diagram thread would have been the right place for this, but..you need to give us a bit more detail..

the 5way switch is fine, but what do you want the push/pulls to do?

one is a coil split for the tone zone, I'm guessing?
but whats the other do? theres lots of possibilities, so we can't really give you a diagram without knowing what you want it to do

and if by a multipole 5-way, you mean something like a superswitch or megaswitch, then nope, you dont need one for this.

or..you don't if you want the positions to be: bridge/bridge+middle/ middle/ middle+neck/ neck