Hello everyone. I will be buying a Jvm this week. I currently have an epi-zakk wylde sig, with EMG-Hzs and I want a set of pups that will bring the Jvm to its feet. With Amazing cleans and a nice mid-distorted sound a la Randy Rhoads Metallica. No mushy pickups preferably passive. Thanks everyone.
Seymour Duncan JB!

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I have Duncans and love em - Screamin Demon in the Bridge, and a Jazz in the neck, great combo I think. I can go from shimmering cleans to ear blistering distortion - very versatile

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How much better will the Jb/Jazz combo be compared to EMG Hzs?

good bit better ....
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What do you dislike about your current pickups?
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+1 on the JB
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JB in an LP?

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Bareknuckles Warpigs will do the job and then some. Great pairing with the 401 but if they are a bit too hot, Irongear Hot Slag could give a sweeter tone.
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dimarzio fred is a nice bridge pickup.

and a Dimarzio PAF pro will give you some versatility, but still keep things hot.

It's a good combo, my dad's got them in his b.c. rich eagle. Dimarzios are typically less than duncans and can sound just as good
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i'm a HUGE fan of the Dimarzio Super Distortion, and i'd be crazy not to suggest it for Randy Rhoads, since he used one. definitely a great sound in a LP.

i'll also be trying the JB/Jazz combo for my next guitar. i've never owned Seymour Duncan pickups before, so i'll be excited to try them, but i've heard great things about them as well.
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