My birthday is on the 27th of december so I can get a joined birthday/Christmas present. At the moment I play an Ibanez S470 through a Roland Cube 60. To be honest the amp isn't bad and I can get some pretty good tones out of it, but I'm looking for an amp that I can buy and use for years to come.

I don't really have a budget at the moment but I can imagine I can spend at THE MOST £600. I'm not sure whether I should get a combo or a head/cab. Since I won't be gigging for a while and I will also be practicing in my house and with a drummer i'm heading towards a combo for practicality and transport.

What really are the adavantages of a head/cab over a combo? Apart from volume and maybe a fuller sound.

I play mostly metal and 'shred', so i'm looking for tones like Steve Vai, but also heavier like Killswitch Engage. But also cleans are important and I play lower gain rock like Foo fighters and Muse. - And also tones similar to Eric Johnson.

I've been looking into the Peavey 6505 plus and it looks good for metal. But I've heard it's bad for cleans. I can't play at shops. What would you recommend?
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If your practise room has a cab in it already and local bands share cabs (like they do in Leeds) then a head and cab will be more practical. The downside is it's more expensive to buy a head/cab than a combo.

Foo Fighters use Vox I think and Muse uses a not very well know and pretty new brand that come in sexy aluminium cabs. I'll leave the reccomendations to other people
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maybe an orange amp? got that british voicing and can do really heavy stuff. don't know which specific model to recommend and i don't know prices or anything, but look into them.
Carvin Legacy II.

It should fit your needs.
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