This is what I ask of you.
Endure the night, hope lies shortly on the other side.
Have you seen the burning sky? Shrowed in mystery, we'll watch it die.
This is what you think of me,
This is what I ask of you.
Will you hold through?

This is my thought, a single question. Like the birds that long to sing their song. My wings are torn.

This is what I asked of you,
Will you make it through, eternity was only a reach away.
These words I gave to you,
You returned to me, cursed and refused.
So what of eternity?
This is what I asked of you?
Would you hold through.

I came with wide eyes,my sacrifice, and wisperd this to you.
I came before the stars died.
And I fell through
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You're my idol, so I must destroy you