Recorded this with my band a week ago, though I'm not happy with the mix at all. What do you think? Track is on my profile.

Criticism on the production would be particularly welcome, although this is only a rough demo mix.

I'm on lead guitar and vocal duties, if you're interested

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I really like the riff and the feel. Nice guitar sound also.. (telecaster??)
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Quote by MXFNCK
I really like the riff and the feel. Nice guitar sound also.. (telecaster??)
Good ears for picking that out!

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Cheers for the comments guys
Great song.....it's kicks ass!! I think the second guitar playing the rhythm riffs under the solo is a cool effect.
what's wrong with the mix...sounds really good man. Bluesy, got a vibe, got a good riff, and a voice to match. Really, what's wrong with the mix?
Anyway, tight sounds, though I think the cymbals are weak sometimes. I know I just asked what was wrong with the mix, but yea, the cymbals could be stronger, punchier.
Other than that...nice solo, great tone from a DS-1.
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I think the guitars are a little loud in the mix, or they have too much midrange, otherwise it sounds pretty good.